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Done right, investment recovery is much more than making a quick deal to generate some cash and get things out of your way.

It is a systematic process to recover as much of your initial investment in plant, property, equipment and surplus materials as possible.

Properly done, investment recovery takes planning, commitment and focus .   If you're like most business owners and managers your time is limited and your focus needs to be on your customer's needs.  

That's why outsourcing your investment recovery program to focused professionals make perfect sense.

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Our asset management services allow you and your team to drive results! 

Our interactive platform allows you to do far more than simply track your assets.

Using our tools and services your team can organize and manage your assets in ways that leverage best practices and emphasize continuous improvement throughout your organization and even into your supply chain. 

If your goal is to continually improve your operation and manage for more, put CapX1's asset management solutions to work for you!

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